All set!

Well almost set!

Our living room is covered in kit that we are about to load up and Joe has nipped out for some paper so we can print off the information pack that we’ve spent hours writing over the last couple of weeks , the bikes have been tuned up and given the all clear – shame no one has done that for us…

Just uploaded this picture of Joe from late June as a test…

We’ll try and put some up as we go, depending on how much of a queue there is for machines in the youth hostels etc!

Please do comment with encouragement on the blog – I think all you have to do is click the green words saying ‘0 comments’. Probably we are unlikely to finish without some cheering on!

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  1. Hi Joe & Rachel, great blog. A few words of encouragement from us: we know you can do it! Keep up the positive mental attitude and most importantly enjoy!We'll be extra specially friendly to any cyclists we see on the roads this week!I finished work on Friday so I'm feeling a little weird although I have some interview preparation to keep me busy. As we both have the week off, we've booked a campsite near Bridport, Dorset for Tuesday and Wednesday night. It overlooks the sea, so if the weather stays nice, as the met office forecasts it will, it should be lovely.Anyway, we look forward to hearing you're next installment once you're on your way.Good luck,Love fromKate & Steve


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