Kennet Island

Held a coffee morning on Kennet Island today with Mike and Jim, my fellow councillors today.

Every time I go to Kennet Island I’m impressed by the changes on a year ago. 

I sound like an estate agent don’t I?

But seriously, once they get the parking sorted and as long as the community groups that are starting up are allowed to flourish I think it will be a great place to live.  I’ve also been for dim sum in town with my husband.

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  1. What does “get[ting] the parking sorted” mean? As a tradesperson (plumbing & heating engineer) the place is practically a no-go area for me. Although I have an RBC Tradesperson's Parking Permit allowing me to park in residents' parking bays elsewhere in the town, practically the only place I can park on Kennet Island is in front of the Hilton if there happens to be a space free. The KI parking rules prohibit me parking my van in KI residents' own spaces even if they don't have their own cars there, and the visitors' spaces (a) are miles away from the places I've needed to work at, (b) require one to park somewhere while picking up and returning a permit from the resident anyway. (a) is a killer as I have heavy tools to lug from the van to client's places and back, and often have to pop back to the van for parts as a job progresses. To be honest it's such a mess I've decided to turn down any more work on the island. It's not worth the hassle and I've got enough business elsewhere.

    John Stumbles


  2. Well quite!

    Currently the roads on Kennet Island mostly aren't 'adopted' which means the council has no say over the scheme operating. You talk to any resident and parking is the key issue and as ward councillors we have been very engaged in discussions between the developers and residents.

    Long term, as the roads become adopted the key will be to get a situation that suits residents and tradespeople.


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