A market in higher education

I was one of the first years to pay tuition fees when I got to university, but under the system most of my fees were paid by the government.  Even that system felt unfair though, burdening many friends with debts that they may not pay off until they are 40 or more (effectively meaning that they are paying 29% tax on earnings over £15,000 instead of 20%).  These new proposals mean that no longer can an argument be made about a balance between the benefit to the student and to society, as it appears that the aim is the student paying for the full cost of the course.

Mike Baker is a well respected education journalist who I think normally tries to give both sides.  His take is that “there are also worrying precedents on rising costs, value for money and the dangers of social segregation.”  It’s worth a read for giving a full look at the proposals

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