future of South Street – council statement #rdg #rdguk

I've just received the following statement on the future of South Street Arts Centre.  I think it sums up the position pretty fairly.  As councillors we're in a horrendous bind with huge cuts being imposed on Reading that will have a massive knock on effect on all parts of our town's life.  We are however determined to keep working to make Reading an even better place for all of us.

“Part of the proposals for finding the required £39 million of savings over the next three years is a review of the council’s buildings and looking at where property could be sold and the proceeds used to help fund frontline services.

This includes an appraisal of how the eclectic and vibrant programme currently offered at South Street can be delivered in the most cost effective way.

No decision has been made about the future of South Street and closure is only one of a number of options to be considered by councillors.

The council is proud to be supporting a Year of Culture for Reading in 2016, remains dedicated to providing space for the arts, but is being forced to review all the services it delivers in the face of unprecedented cuts to its budget by the government.”

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  1. Shortterm, shortterm, always shortterm. When the asset has been sold, and the money from the asset has been spent, then what? At what point do we consider that gain for the few, and loss for the majority is not actually what we're living for?

    'Artwork is a representation of our devotion to life.' (Agnes Martin, who lived simply.)


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