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Summer Pledge #1: our NHS

This summer the Labour Party has announced 6 pledges that illustrate how a Labour government would do things differently. Unlike the Tories we would run our country in the interests of the many. Our first pledge is on investment in our NHS.

We face a number of issues in our NHS locally.  The shortage of local GPs is something that is having a massive impact with 27% – that’s more than a quarter of people in our area having to wait more than a week to get a doctor’s appointment and our wonderful Royal Berkshire Hospital missing it’s target to see 95% of patients in A&E within 4 hours. In West Berkshire we see oversubscribed GP surgeries with no commitment to a new surgery for residents despite continued developments popping up.

This is not the fault of the many dedicated staff of our local NHS, who are doing all they can. The pride of the Labour party and of Britain is the National Health Service, and it is heartbreaking to see the support it deserves being taken away from it.

Sadly the Conservatives have no real plan to tackle the financial chaos –  only Labour will make a difference to both funding for health care but also to ensure that social care, the support that is vital for so many elderly and disabled people gets the attention it deserves.

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