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Summer Pledge #2: a Real Living Wage

This summer the Labour Party has announced 6 pledges that illustrate how a Labour government would do things differently. Unlike the Tories we would run our country in the interests of the many. Our second pledge is creating a Real Living Wage.

One of the reasons I joined the Labour Party was the introduction of the minimum wage.

Work should pay – paying people a real living wage is good for the economy, good for encouraging people to work and most importantly good for workers. 

The Labour Party is promising a real living wage of £10 an hour for everyone. This change will help nearly a fifth of all workers in the UK – and around 656,000 in the South East alone.

As your MP I would also protect the vast majority of people from tax increases – Labour is promising no increase in income tax of National Insurance for 95% of people.  Instead we will clamp down on tax evasion and focus balancing the books by looking at the tax paid by the very wealthy and larger corporations – I’m also pleased to say that there is also a pledge to reintroduce the small business rate of corporation tax, giving smaller enterprises a boost.

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