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Summer Pledge #3: Tackling Climate Change

This summer the Labour Party has announced 6 pledges that illustrate how a Labour government would do things differently. Unlike the Tories we would run our country in the interests of the many. Our third pledge is tackling Climate Change through a Green Industrial Revolution which would create 400,000 jobs.

Climate change is our planet’s biggest threat and we have a responsibility to fix it.

As the MP for Reading West, I would push the government to commit to radical action to address the climate emergency, whilst also creating thousands of new jobs.

I believe that a second Industrial Revolution focused on sustainable development will not only benefit us by creating 400,000 jobs but allow the United Kingdom to show moral leadership, setting an example for the rest of the world by fulfilling our commitments under the Paris Climate agreement. I am proud of our commitment to the environment – whether it is by working with the Cooperative movement to grow renewable energy coops or ruling out the harmful practice of fracking, the Labour party in government will ensure that we get this right for our own and future generations.

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