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Summer Pledge #6: public vote on Brexit

This summer the Labour Party has announced 6 pledges that illustrate how a Labour government would do things differently. Unlike the Tories we would run our country in the interests of the many. Our final pledge is committing to a public vote on Brexit.

We need to maintain trade with the EU and ensure no disruption to vital food, medical and industrial supplies and to ensure that people can visit family members, study and visit our neighbouring countries.  We also need to ensure our small businesses as well as big employers are able to trade with our biggest trading partner. This is why crashing out of the European Union with “no deal” is simply irresponsible and I am appalled that the current Conservative MP is going against what he campaigned for in 2016 and the views of the majority of us living here in Reading West in publicly stating he would support this.

  My position on Brexit is very clear.  I believe that there is no deal available with the EU that is better for us than remaining:  whether for jobs, our international standing or security.  I have always campaigned for and I voted to remain in the EU, and I still believe that is the best thing for Reading West and for our country as a whole.

Three years on from the first vote however, we have seen an increased polarisation and as a Labour and Cooperative candidate I believe that we should unite as a country – whether you voted leave, or remain this is your home and we should have a right to collectively make a final decision on this. This is why I would support a binding public vote on whatever final deal is proposed to ensure everyone has their say. I would campaign for remain in that vote.

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