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We must stop Van Tool Theft

When local trades people approached me about the impact that van tool theft is increasingly having on them I knew that there would not be one answer but that a series of measures are needed to tackle this rising problem.

It’s a disgusting crime that robs families of their livelihoods.  Not only are tools hugely valuable, often thousands of pounds worth of equipment but without them a self employed trades person can’t do their work and face a period with no employment.  While insurance can come through eventually often the payout is less than the cost of replacement and in the meantime a whip round or borrowing on credit cards is the only option.

As part of the campaign we’re calling on a change in the law to make theft from a commercial vehicle a specific offence, but there are other measures I hope that parliament will consider including looking at security of vans, considering the pros and cons of a register of sellers of professional equipment or tracking of second hand equipment.

In the last week we have started to attract media attention with a piece in the local paper, a BBC Radio Berkshire interview and Micky Leng, appearing on BBC South.  The petition is really gathering pace and I will be raising this at Labour party conference.  To demonstrate the importance of this I am hoping to have as many signatures as possible.  The quickest way to help is by signing the petition-

If you live in the Reading area and would like copies of leaflets or paper copies of the petition just get in touch and we’ll get some to you.

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