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1.  If you know where someone is sleeping rough or have information that might help email or call the St
With freezing temperatures returning, Reading as a town again expects to see an increase in the number of potential rough
Lots of Reaidng council tenants already volunteer including by helping the council improve the housing service for their fellow tenants.
Council press release below, all are welcome in two weeks to the Reading Civic even, details are belowReading will again
I was chatting to +David Freegle (the administrator of the Reading Freegle) yesterday about the huge increase in traffic on the freegle website
This will be of most interest to social landlords - whether councils or RSL/housing associations.  However if you are interested
Just a bit of fun for Christmas eve!And amazing how quickly technology moves on - you can tell this was
"In tough times we must care for one another, so I want to wish everybody inReading all the best for
#rdg  a bit blurry but had a lovely time
Highly regarded national charity St Mungos are funded by Reading's Labour council to provide a key outreach service.  I have
I've been keeping this under my hat for over a month but it was announced this morning that £1 million
"People like me don't create jobs"  "I don't buy 3000 cars a year"...This video is the best explanation I've seen