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General election – 6th May. And Pope is a Catholic

No great shock then.

However with the local elections in Reading being on 6th May this is really good news for everyone, with the possible exception of the returning officer and count staff.  It will mean that there will be higher turnout as people will have 2 elections to vote in at once – good for democracy and for those that would have voted in both anyway, saves them time.

It’s also good for the candidates and their supporters!  I have been working hard in Whitley since last July both in terms of pure campaigning and helping with local concerns and issues, so it’s great to get confirmation that the campaign won’t drag on into the summer (there was talk of the local elections being changed to fit with the general) and either way it will be decided soon.

It will also be nice to meet my Conservative and other opponents who I’m sure will now start to make more of an appearance!

If you want to know more about my campaign you can look at the Whitley News site.  I won’t be posting here until after the election so news will be on this site.

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