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Kelly Edwards

My colleague and comrade Jim Hanley has decided to retire from the council in May following his qualification as a social worker.  I’ll be sorry to see him step back from front line politics and I know that many people in Whitley, and indeed across Reading, have reason to thank him for all his hard work.  Having said that he’ll be keeping on working hard in the local area and on the planning committee right until the election.

However the positive side is that Kelly Edwards has been selected to be the candidate for Whitley ward next spring.  I’m delighted by this as she will do a great job over the next few months (and has already started to do so!) and if residents elect her, will make a great councillor – passionate, hard working and a local champion.  I know she will stick to the Whitley councillors motto:  “Working hard for all Whitley, all year, every year”

Although I’ve said it to her face already – welcome to the team!

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