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Results time

I’ve been elected as Whitley ward councillor.  Some very varied results across the country.

Locally of course I’m really disappointed by the General election result but surprised and pleased by the Reading borough council elections.  Net impact is Labour are still on 19, Conservatives have lost a seat while the Liberals and Greens have both netted an extra seat.

Marion Livingston in Minster and Sarah Hacker in Battle are the other new Labour councillors, from talking to them I know we’ll all aim to hit the ground running.

I was also particularly delighted to see the results in Southcote and Abbey where John Ennis and Bet Tickner were both re-elected, I’m sure due to their hard work that their constituents know that they have put in year in year out for them.

As for Whitley ward, it’s great to join Mike and Jim as a councillor, I’m delighted to represent Whitley.  As I have said to residents throughout my campaign (since last summer), I promise to work hard for the ward and do all I can to get the best for the area.  I will be personally thanking all the members and supporters from all over the ward, some long standing others brand new who have given up so many hours.  We are stronger together!

The Labour councillor’s motto in Whitley is “All Whitley ward, all year, every year”

It’s a proud claim and I mean to live up to that.

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