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Save the Whitley Excellence Cluster!

I’ve spoken in the press about this already – I find it shocking that the coalition is so blasé about ending the good work of Whitley Excellence Cluster.  I hoped that Cllr Ralph, the lead councillor for Education would be able to commit to at least looking at a way to continue the work.  However all he has said is “We hope the [Pupil] premium will help cushion the blow, although at this moment we don’t know any more than that.”  We’ve had silence from our MP so far.

That’s why today I’m launching a campaign to save it – lots more detail is here.

It’s time to show the council that we value the work that the Whitley Excellence Cluster is doing and that we want it continued.  Please sign the petition I’ve just set up, and let me know if you can get involved – my email address is

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