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This week – talking to people!

I don’t normally post about going out and about talking to people on their doorsteps but to me that’s the only way you can know enough to be a good local representative. It’s also something that I enjoy!

As a sample I thought I would list what I’ve done this week. I have helped collect signatures for a petition that a caring Mum on the Swallowfield Drive estate is putting together, door knocked on Callington Road to ask residents about their concerns, attended a councillor’s surgery with Cllrs Mike Orton and Jim Hanley in Kennet Island and visited a number of people with Cllr Mike Orton to follow up on their responses to our latest survey.

Not part of my campaign but I also had a school governor’s meeting and went to a parents evening at my local school.

Obviously this does have to fit in with my full time job and it’s not all work and no play: I had time for a pie in the Nags Head, followed by a pint in the Hobgoblin last night! Steak and stilton is definitely the king of pies…

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