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Ask Mr Sharma to oppose a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Rachel speaking on the importance of our relationship with the EU, against a no deal Brexit and her personal commitment to remaining in the EU

I was very disappointed and concerned to discover that our current Conservative MP has stated that he is willing to support leaving the European Union without an agreement in October.  A so called ‘No Deal’ Brexit is in my view incredibly dangerous, for our country as a whole and for Reading West.

Leaving without any kind of agreement in place would damage us economically, our security would be at risk and our standing in the world as a proud and important nation would be also damaged.

Whether people voted to leave or remain the EU I believe we all deserve better than this, and we should unite to oppose it.

IF you would like to join me in calling on Mr Sharma to change his mind please sign here:

Call on Mr Sharma to change his mind and oppose a no deal Brexit

My own position on Brexit is very clear.  I believe that there is no deal available with the EU that is better for us:  whether for jobs, our international standing or security.
I know not everyone agrees with this so I would support a binding public vote on the final deal to ensure that everyone has their say. However, I would campaign very strongly for remain in that vote.

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  1. Andrew Plimsoll says:

    The United kingdom needs trade deals.

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