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High time to scrap the bedroom tax

The bedroom tax is an unfair tax on low income families.  Show your support for scrapping it  or find out more about the campaign here.

Disabled couples who need separate bedrooms and separated parents who have a bedroom for the kids to stay still have to pay as do people who have been bereaved.

We knew the bedroom tax wouldn’t work –

–      There just aren’t enough smaller homes for people to move to

–      People need to stay close by for work, children’s school

–      Discretionary Housing Payment, intended to help families in short term crisis is instead being used to reduce the impact of this cruel tax.

As a new housing minister who represents a part of Reading that has hundreds of families still affected we call on Alok Sharma, MP to recognise that the government has now no mandate for this, and to scrap the bedroom tax.

See also  Matt Rodda MP adds his voice to the campaign – 9th October 2017

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