Rachel Eden

My pledges

Campaigning.  I am an experienced, effective campaigner ready to win Reading West whenever the election is called.  I have experience of knocking on doors in every part of the constituency, I already have a substantial personal vote and ability to win over people who backed other parties last time.  When I stood for Reading West at the last election, the result locally was far better than the national swing.

As your candidate, I’ll run a campaign that we can all be proud to be part of and make sure Reading West elects a Labour MP to parliament as part of the next Labour Government.

Climate crisis.  I’m a committed environmentalist, and I’ll put Labour’s Climate Investment Pledge at the heart of my campaign.  I’ll work tirelessly with businesses and trade unions to create new green jobs; get funding to expand Reading council’s radical and popular Winter Watch scheme in Reading to insulate housing stock across Reading (and push West Berkshire council to do the same); and expand community energy by supporting local co-operatives.

As your candidate and your MP, I’ll make sure Reading West is at the heart of the just and green transition which our planet needs.

Cost of living.  Labour is showing the leadership needed to tackle the cost of living crisis with plans to freeze energy bills while the Conservative Prime Minister is on holiday and his successors attack each other.  I’ll make sure everyone knows how Labour can help in these tough times, and also the need for long term action to raise wages, improve services and strengthen our social security system so everyone can live with dignity.

As your candidate and your MP, I’ll hold the Conservatives to account for the misery and hardship their policies are causing, and show how Labour can help everyone through this crisis.

Community.  I have deep and real roots with community groups and charities across Reading.  I help charities every day understand their finances, and work as a councillor to help build strong communities.  We need government to bring in policies to help charities manage energy bills, recognition that funding is needed to enable charities to pay true living wages and a fund for charity premises in high cost areas like Reading.  One of my chosen charities as Mayor is the Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality and I’ve been working with all equalities groups across town to celebrate and promote our diversity.

As your candidate and your MP, I’ll bring people together to build strong, inclusive and welcoming communities across Reading West.

Credibility.  We need a candidate who residents will immediately see as a credible MP for Reading West.  I have experience of representing people here in Reading West, of listening to local people and using this to influence national policy, and of running a business and raising a family here.  I know how to strengthen workers’ rights, reduce energy bills and create good jobs, because that’s what I do in my day job and in my work serving the community.

As your candidate and your MP, I’ll put my experience and knowledge at the service of local people every day – and I will always be On Your Side.

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Rachel worked closely with local UNISON reps to campaign for and then sign Reading Borough Council up to the UNISON
In total £473,666 is expected to be cut from WEC as part of the £3.9 million savings. More than 300