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35 Alexandra Road – making best use of our #emptyhomes

My new colleague on the council’s cabinet, Jan Gavin, has been campaigning on the issue of the use of 35 Alexandra Road for quite some time and it’s not been an easy one to resolve as it has lacked quite a lot of the facilities needed for modern living as it was previously used as a nursery.  However plans have now been agreed taht it will become a shared house with support for six adults who are able to live partially independently but have learning disabilities.  This is a good outcome for the local community who have been concerned about the empty building and for those with learning disabilities who will have access to a newly renovated and excellent facilities.

Council press release below: 

A former nursery school building in East Reading is to be transformed into accommodation for adults with learning disabilities.

Reading Borough Council’s Cabinet approved plans to renovate the Victorian building in Alexandra Road, during its meeting last night (Jan 16th).

The property is owned by the Council and has been boarded up since April last year. It will become a shared house with communal areas, accommodating six adults with varying degrees of learning disability, encouraging them to become more independent and live in their own home.
The people who go on to live there once the renovation works are complete, will be eligible for adult social care support and will be allocated a place by the Council based on their individual needs.

More than 100 people with learning disabilities are already living in either shared houses or in their own flats all over Reading, receiving adult social care support.

Mike Orton, lead councillor for adult social care, said: ‘This renovation scheme will enable more people to live independent lives and prevent the need for placements into residential units. I welcome the renovation of this building and the introduction of improved living standards for adults with disabilities.’

The property in Alexandra Road is a good accommodation option for more people to benefit from living independently in their own home.

The renovation of the building to provide supported living is part of the Council’s move to provide alternatives to residential care.

Detailed plans to transfer the property back to residential use will be decided by the Council’s planning committee.

  1. Anonymous says:

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