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The giving tree

Sights of mounted police charging what looked like peaceful protesters, protesters smashing windows, student sit ins.

It’s like the 1980s are back.  I really hope not and all this is a one off.

On a more positive note, there’s still a time to donate a present to the Giving Tree!

I read in the paper someone saying that they hadn’t come across this concept elsewhere, which I find really surprising as it is a well established Reading institution and I’d assumed there would be something similar all over the country.

If you haven’t done it before it’s really easy, you just go along to the Broad Street Mall, pick a label off the tree and buy the present asked for on it.  The presents asked for aren’t very pricey in general (I saw one tag asking for some warm socks) and they go to children in Reading who might otherwise not get a Christmas present this year.  I think one less present for my daughter is worth that!

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