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Tomorrow’s cabinet – petition coming on 11-19 school for East Reading

A number of things coming to tomorrow’s cabinet including a very worrying report on the potential impact of the police and crime commissioners.
However of very local concern is a petition being submitted regarding the technology based 14-19 secondary school in proposed in east Reading.  Instead petitioners want an 11 to 19 years comprehensive school which will offer a high quality, wide ranging curriculum to all young people in the area.
I’m told the petition is being submitted now to coincide with the formal “consultation” into Rob Wilson MP’s plans for a “technical academy”. 
It’s being presented by Tony Jones, Labour candidate for Redlands ward and supported by Labour candidate for Park Ward Rachael Chrisp, 
I represent another part of town but I can completely understand the frustration of residents that about the idea of a 14-19 technical school when what I think everyone wants is a 11-19 comprehensive that will serve East Reading.  I understand as well that there is talk by the owner of selling off the Crescent Road playing fields to pay for this scheme, which  is against the Council’s planning policies.
Ultimately the government has taken so much away from local authorities when it comes to education in the last 18 months that a 14-19 school could be imposed against the wishes of local people and councillors but the council does have a reasonable amount of influence on this.

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