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I’ve been too busy to write but thought I better update on my earlier post (especially given the comment on it today!).  I still maintain it was nice on Wednesday afternoon (hard to remember it now – a few flakes that didn’t settle!)

Got home from visiting some of my husband’s family yesterday and we ended up walking 2 1/2 miles home from the station while it snowed, but we were lucky, we didn’t have a car to adbandon/push up the hill.  I can sympathise with the commenter who had trouble on castle hill:  every road I saw with a hill seemed to have at least one stuck car on it or blocking it altogether.

I have been in touch with councillors about the gritters and apparently they were out including at 1am this morning and I saw council staff shovelling snow this morning on my way to a hospital appointment.   Lots of side roads don’t seem to be gritted but having said that some roads that have been gritted still have masses of snow on them, so I don’t know how much difference it would make?

Ho Hmm.

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