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Dee Park launches!

With members of CRAG

Today was the official launch of the Dee Park show homes (although apparently they’ve already sold 3 properties!).  Below is a copy of my speech

“As Reading’s lead councillor for housing and neighbourhoods it’s a real pleasure to be here today to celebrate the next step towards the regeneration of Dee Park and as a neighbouring resident who uses the children’s centre at Ranikhet School and the Lyon Square facilities I know first hand some of the benefits that this project will bring.
This regeneration is not just about bricks and mortar.  It’s also become a focus for a strong, more connected community.  The work that CRAG have done has been hugely valuable for the project but it’s also part of something even more important – a neighbourhood where we don’t just feel safe but also connected to our neighbours.  Ward councillors have over many years worked so hard on this and so has the Mayor in her previous role, so I want to say thank you to them. 
However more than that it’s become a project about the whole community.  Michael has spoken about the close partnership of the council and Catalyst: residents have also been part of this.  It’s a great achievement and a great moment to see the first homes for real.  I look forward to working with you as the project turns into a reality!”

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