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Labour helping small business locally

It’s no great shock, although it is a real worry that growth is stuttering to close to zero – 0.2% growth in 9 months since the Conservative’s cuts started to bite. 
However locally the Labour council is committed to working better with and supporting employers especially small businesses.  If you are a small trader who is trustworthy, friendly reliable and based in Reading you will be interested in this special offer – 15 small employers will have their application fee refunded for joining the “Buy with Confidence” scheme.  It’s of particular benefit to vulnerable residents but anyone might find it a help.
Businesses with fewer than ten employees, that provide practical services in Reading are being offered the chance to receive free membership of the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence Scheme for one year.

Buy with Confidence is a Trading Standards approved trader scheme, with two primary aims: to promote and support good, reliable local businesses; and to improve consumer protection by providing the public with a choice of businesses they can trust.

This follows the success of ‘Helping Hands’ – an event organised by the Council for local organisations to find out how they can develop their businesses to support vulnerable people in Reading with practical services and other jobs around the home such as shopping, laundry, gardening and cleaning.

The Council is keen to develop this scheme and ensure that there are appropriate organisations that can provide these services to vulnerable people in Reading.

An increasing number of people need help around the home due to illness, disability or old age which affects their strength and mobility.

People who need assistance are looking for trustworthy, friendly and reliable firms to help them live their lives more independently.

This initiative will refund 15 lucky Reading based organisations their application fee if they have fewer than 10 employees, deliver practical task services, and can complete the application process within three months.

Mike Orton, Lead Councillor for Adult Social Care, said: ‘The Council is keen to support the development of the Buy With Confidence scheme to ensure that there is a wide selection of accredited and trustworthy services available from small businesses.”

Organisations must apply by 31st August 2011. For more information and eligibility please contact Pam Gregory on 0118 937 2503 or 

More information can be found at
  1. Anonymous says:

    perhaps you can get the local press to publicise this if you associate it with some sort of scandal.

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