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Question to council on tenants survey

As I did yesterday I’m posting up my answer to a question that came to full council earlier in the week, this time on the results of the tenant’s survey from Cllr Benson.

The tenant satisfaction survey is carried out early in the municipal year, therefore the 2011 survey tells us most about what views were in 2010-2011.  The council doesn’t just have plans to address these concerns but is already acting.
  1.  Tackling ASB
There were two key areas – firstly improved communication and then in particular areas, notably Coley, there was dissatisfaction with the extent of ASB.
The council is working on a variety of ways to improve communication on reporting of ASB. 
To tackle Anti-Social Behaviour in Coley there are a range of actions taking place in partnership with the community to reduce ASB.  So far reports are positive, with for example the local Police Officer PC Lond reporting ‘The Neighbourhood Team has had many less calls to Coley Place since it has been cleared and drug users generally don’t congregate there so the area is much nicer”.
  1. Car parking
Tenants wanted the council to find ways to improve car parking There have been a number of improvements to car parking arrangements that Housing have undertaken or are due to undertake across our housing areas including at Granville Road, Orts Road, Ian Mikado Way, Winderemere Drive, Waleys Place and Holland Road, Amersham Road,Hexham Road, Pinetree Court and the St Giles area.  Tenants should be hearing about these improvements at the moment through local newsletters going out this month.
Litter and Rubbish
  Tenants wanted us to improve the way we deal with litter and rubbish on estates and generally improve the local environment.
Housing works in partnership with Street care on this issue.
The Housing service funds an enhanced litter picking service that responds quickly to deal with areas identified by officers or the community as ‘hotspots’.  There have also been specific initiatives to reduce environmental nuisance or to enhance the feel of neighbourhoods being undertaken across our housing stock in Woodley, Aveley Walk, Wensley Road, Dee Park and Northumberland Avenue, Blandford Road, Spring Grove, the Spring Terrace Play Area known locally as “The Tank”, Coley Park, in Southcote particularly dealing with ASDA trolleys, and planned improvements in Elizabeth Walk and the Silver Street Flats.
More generally substantial bulb and flower planting across estates has continued to encourage environmental pride and prevent habitual littering.  Housing and Streetcare staff also recently undertook join training delivered by ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.
More detail is available on any of these three areas if any councillor wishes to raise it.  A full update for tenants on progress in these areas will appear in Housing News through a “You said, We did” section in April and more formally through the Annual Report (2011/12) due for publication in October 2012.

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