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Shinfield Road lights

You may be wondering why I’ve been on Andrew Peach, done a press release etc and not mentioned the lights in my blog.  There’s no cunning plan, just been too busy.

If you’re interested the press release is on Whitleynews

For the record my personal view is that I have no particular desire to pick a fight with the Conservative-Liberal Democrat administration over this (I’ve got plenty of other things to pick fights with them about, not least their changes to funding of voluntary groups)
I hope the phasing does sort the lights out.  However we’ll know that very soon and it’s complacent to wait 6 months for a review.  Therefore our position as Whitley’s councillors is give it a couple more weeks and then formally call for a review.

NB I know this is a inflammatory issue, so remember I will reject your comment if I think it’s risking being defamatory against anyone, of any political party (or none!)

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