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I’ve been to the loo in Duloo

… and taken ‘moor care’ on Dartmore (the national park has a sense of humour similar to mine)

Yes we’ve had a puntastic couple of days.
In fact last night in Glastonbury we stayed at Parsnips BnB run by Mr and Mrs Parson.

Cornwall was as up and down as everyone says, we only used our granny gears – as we were either going too fast downhill to need to pedal, Joe clocked 35.4 mph at one point or so slow it was painful.

We only really realised how little we had been enjoying it despite how much we love Cornwall when we got onto Dartmoor and had a lovely couple of hours.

So a quick summary as I’m in Well library and they’ve kindly given use a 20 minute visitor session.
Penzance to Fowey – 58 miles including a mysterious national cycle network diversion, highlight of the day had to be the food – huge Cornish pasties for lunch and Cornish mackerel in the evening.

Fowey to Mortenhampsted – 52 miles but a tough day, probably made tougher by a short-cut that seemed to be constant ups and downs despite the indications of the contour lines. Highlights were Duloo and Dartmoor, Joe was particularly keen on this.

Mortenhampsted to Glastonbury – 72 miles but probably the least difficult day so far as it got much shallower after Exeter. Could probably have done with about 5 miles less however! We weren’t too impressed with Glastonbury itself, we decided we were just too alternative for the folks there, they might be wandering up the tor in a trance but we were asleep by 9.15pm – now that’s alternative!

This morning we have spent most of trying to find Internet access and discovered that no where in Glastonbury opens before about 10.30 even the public library but fortunately Wells (6.5 miles on) is more of a morning place! Looks to be another scorcher – not the most ideal thing in biking. I’m wearing factor 50 sun cream and still getting burnt in places!

Still aside from Joe having a sore wrist which is now nearly better, my having caught his end of term cold and having sunburn we are doing OK – surprisingly our legs and bottoms are OK!

Next update will probably be in Chester. But 205 (plus 6) miles down – only about 800 to go…
We’ve now charged our camera up and have got some nice pictures which we’ll upload probably when we get back.

Rachel (and Joe but he’s outside with the bikes).

  1. Gavin says:

    great to hear your news – well done on the tough bit. It may get easier(ha! ha!) from now on. Oh, and happy anniversary for today – whenever you get dad/Gavin

  2. KateSteve says:

    Hi guys,Well done so far! Sounds like you're real pros already on your cornish pasty fuelled 'Tour de l'Angleterre' (Tour de France next year perhaps?). We were thinking of you in Wednesday's punishing heat. Our day followed a similar theme of ups and downs along the south west coast path which took in the 'Golden Cap' at 191 very steep metres! However, 7 1/2 miles to your 60 or so put it in perspective! We hope the minor ailments clear up en route.Take careKate & Steve

  3. Grandma and Geoff says:

    Hope you’re managing to stay out of the grannie rings. Guess you must be well on your way to the half way stage now (Saturday evening). Pretty hot here for the last few days – hope it’s cooler where you are. Keep at itLove from Grandma and Geoff

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