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Keep posties on bikes!

I’ve just written a letter to royal mail’s new chief executive, whoever that will be, asking them to reverse the proposal to phase out bike postal deliveries.  It’s a decision that seems wrong on so many levels. 

I know that in Whitley ward  – from experience of visiting constituents and campaigning – and I’m sure in many other wards too cycling is actually often the quickest way to get about.  It’s also very cheap (which should appeal to Royal Mail’s management!), as there are minimal running costs and the upfront capital costs are low.

That’s quite apart from the health benefits (and fewer sick days) for staff, the reduction in congestion and pollution as well.

This seems a completely illogical proposal and I am hugely disappointed.  The CTC (of which I’m a member) has set up a template that enables you to send your own letter.

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