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Oh we’re half way there-ere

…oh living on a bi-ike. Hmm that only works if you have been singing Bon Jovi to yourself and have spent more time than is healthy asking your husband “are we half way there yet?”

But we are. Thanks for the encouragement everyone – has felt like there’s a whole load of folks watching us and cheering us on. I particularly like the idea of everyone in my office listening to Gill read out my ramblings. I think it should be an item on the next office meeting agenda!

Lovely countryside today, although Joe is starting to feel the pain (of all the things to cause an injury: a completely flat, but nobbly, canal towpath! Nobbled by nobbles.), and wasn’t really enjoying it, and while I am getting fitter my legs are a wonderful patchwork of bruises!

Had lunch in the latest in a series of nice pubs and looked longingly at the Black Sheep bitter that they had on tap. This evening to console ourselves we had some alcohol free beer while eating curry. Got in nice and early and had left late as it was only 49 miles today in the end. We had planned a more meandering route by the Lancaster canal, but Joe jarred his neck, so we turned off for the direct road, still pretty though. Postman Pat style country (wrong side of the penines but close).

Having a day off tomorrow meeting up with 3 out of 4 parents, and hoping to just cycle from Kendal to Troutbeck before hand.

Total mileage so far: 531 (we think – the bike computer is locked up for the night)

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