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Sunshine between the rain.

Bit of RnR today! We heard the rain from about 6.30am and put off doing the ride from Kendal to Windermere until 9.30, loaded up with waterproof trousers, cagoles and waterproof over-shoes by which time the rain had stopped. Lovely 11 mile ride into Troutbeck and then met up with Rachel’s parents and Joe’s Dad (Joe’s Mum was at work!) and had a lovely lunch and wander round some gardens. So now we’ve plenty of emergency rations donated by parents for tomorrow.

Got back early evening to do bike maintenance and considered sitting out overlooking Windermere from the Youth Hostel. Having just put the bikes back in the shed, the sky let forth. Which put paid to that idea, but meant we’ve still not been rained on!

Looking forward to the Kirkstone Pass tomorrow. At least the downhill bit after it. Well, at least the flat bit after that.

Rachel and Joe xxx

  1. Grandma and Geoff says:

    At last – the waterproofs have come in useful – to put on and then take off! Reminds me of when I walk round Sulham Woods, with Bertie on showery days carrying an umbrella, it usually prevents it raining. If I haven’t got the brolly, it rains.Have a feeling that you will need to keep your gear on tomorrow (Wed). Hope you’re feeling fit and raring to go for the next stretch.GOOD LUCK for the less than second half.Love G an’ G

  2. fran says:

    Hi there,Home safely, driving through the same spectacular rain that landed on you. – lovely rainbows over Ullswater.Tent spent the day drying out on the line whilst we were at work. Dog has now recovered, and actually asked for a walk when we got back.Dad has seen the chiropractor, and thankfully it is muscular – just keep doing the exercises, apparently.Was great to see you, and hope you enjoy bonnie scotland as much as you have the Mum

  3. trev says:

    i’ve been thinking of you while i’ve been scuba diving in, and sailing on, the red sea over the last week. i’ve been baking with not a cloud to be seen, you’ve had more than your fair share it would seem. sulham woods and troutbeck, happy memories of both, used to cycle with the kids all over the former when they were little. and there’s a great yha in troutbeck where mary and i stayed a couple of years back….lovely setting. you’ve cracked it now, must be well over half way, blisters all toughened up, i’ll be reading your blog regularly from now on,happy trails, trev

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