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The road round wigan pier

Well this blog is starting to repeat itself – it was hot today! Todays mileage – 68.

Started a bit later than usual and took our time due to the heat and getting a bit tired now.
Highlights of the journey today included going over the Manchester ship canal, and finding the house that Joe’s dad grew up in. We cheekily took a photo and hoped that the current occupants didn’t mind!

Found a nice pub to shelter in at mid-day and had a nice chat with the landlord, who seemed a bit bemused by us – first time on the route we have been a surprise to anyone – probably because we’re not on one of the “standard” routes through the country at the moment. He took us in his stride though!

The Evanses saw us off from Chester this morning and we were waved in by John and Jacquie this evening so we were really well looked after two evenings in a row. Thank you!

Next stop kendal

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rachel and Joe,I’ve just read your blog out to people in the office as others seem to be a bit IT challenged. We think you’re doing fantastically. Keep up the good work. Robin says “Well done for getting through Cornwall – sounds like you’re in better shape than I was!”Hope you’re enjoying it despite the various hills/detours.Love from Gill and all at BPP

  2. Grandma and Geoff says:

    You must be over half way when you read this – WELL DONE. Enjoy your day of rest on Tuesday and then you’ll be refeshed and ready to tackle the last stretch, which must be the best, if only because you’ve nearly achieved your challenge.Good luck for the second half – you CAN do it. Love Grandma and Geoff

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