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To Abingdon through rain, lightening and drawing pins

Successful ride today although my wrists are sore so will make this short. We’ve done the first of our two planned ‘long rides’ in our training schedule. Reading to Abingdon and back. It was very wet so didn’t take any pictures. Suffice to say we probably don’t want an record of our appearance during the day but we did it!

So in summary:
No of miles: 69
average speed (including walking bits but not lunch): 9.3 mph – significantly slower in the afternoon!
Top speed: 26 mph
bottom recorded speed: 2.3 mph (walking up a gravel track)
Number of rain drops: probably about a million
Hours of sunshine: Optimistically about 10 minutes
Number of times Rachel announced she couldn’t do it: about 4
Number of times Joe believed this: 1
No of miles before he admitted he had believed it: 10
No of times we gave up: 0!

To be honest the only stat that matter is the last one!

And the drawing pin? Well this wouldn’t be a Rachel and Joe long distance ride without a puncture so as we were doing so well on our way back someone helpfully left a drawing pin out for me at Brightwell-cum-Sotwell! Still it’s a pretty village with a nice dry bus stop…

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