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training and ethics

Was in London yesterday for a training course and so was a bit late home so just to keep the schedule up we went for a short ride around Tilehurst and West Reading, about 8 miles. I must be fitter than I was a month ago because there were hills that I had been out of breath on then that I was able to chat to Joe going up. That is encouraging at least.

Saw an article blog post this morning arguing that CSR (corporate social responsibility) would suffer the downturn (and of couse the usual overplaying of the prestige of the Oxford Union by anyone who has been invited!). This is probably obvious to most people, but I would normally be more optimistic. But then yesterday I saw an article in the Manchester evening News (left on the train from London to Reading, so who knows how it got there) interviewing people about the Primark scandal. I find it surprising that so often people forget that companies are made up of people and react to how people act. Another thing that always strikes me is how many people think “the government” should do something and then complain that the government is too controlling.
Ho-hum… no easy answer but surely buying fewer clothes, but making sure they are good quality and ethically sourced (e.g. fair trade) or just nipping to a charity shop has got to be more environmentally sustainable and ethical, not to mention cheaper?

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