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anneleise - bikeAnneliese Dodds MP for Oxford East, and shadow treasury minister:
I’ve known Rachel for many years. She is a hardworking and effective campaigner who has already achieved a lot as a local councillor in Reading. Not only does Rachel care, but she knows how to best achieve change for local people, too.


John Moody, Chair of Wantage Constituency Labour Party

If Rachel becomes the Prospective
Parliamentary Candidate for Reading West
it will be a great loss for Wantage but a
major gain for Reading. Rachel secured an
excellent result and has left an enduring mark
in Wantage, the momentum created by our campaigning activities and Rachel’s commitment was a major factor helping us gain councillors in Didcot. Rachel’s contribution made local voters believe again that Labour can make a difference.

Patrick KennyPat Kenny, Battle branch member and UNISON official

I was honoured to work with Rachel to make Reading one of the first places to implement the UNISON Ethical Care Charter. She is a committed socialist who delivers real change and I am proud to support her.


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Martin Salter, former MP for Reading West (Tilehurst ward):

We need a good local candidate to beat Alok Sharma and someone who will campaign hard on the issues that matter to local people. Having known and campaigned with Rachel over many years, mostly recently in supporting the campaign she has led against the bedroom tax, I know she has the passion, drive and commitment to win my old seat back for Labour and to work hard for the people of Reading West.

sinaed (1)Sinead Gibson, Battle ward member, Foster Carer and campaigner for survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault

I didn’t relate to politics until I met Rachel and understood Rachel’s love of politics was a passion for helping people and making the world a better place. We need an approachable MP who won’t stop until she gets what her constituents want: Rachel would be the MP Reading needs in these difficult times.
At a time there were no specialist services for survivors of rape or sexual abuse, no funding available people were unaware, reluctant or unable to speak out about the need for these services.
Rachel didn’t allow brick walls to deter her and went far beyond her role as a councillor, mother and concerned member of the community. Her voice and determination supporting the campaign has resulted in a centre supporting survivors in Reading.

matt harrisonMatt Harrison, Council candidate for Tilehurst ward and Momentum member:

I’ve known Rachel for over three years and I am struck by her ability to bring people together, to listen and engage with people of different backgrounds and beliefs. I think people in Reading West will support her, she’ll be an excellent local MP

alice.jpgAlice Mpufu-Coles, Whitley member and former chair of Reading Refugee Support 

Rachel has campaigned tireless for social care
changes, the community and marginalised
people. She is undoubtedly hugely hard
working looking after her lovely 2 young children, working and a councillor. Rachel is parliamentary candidate for the many not for the few.

alyssaAlyssa Black, LGBT officer for Reading and District Labour Party

I am writing to show my support for Rachel to be our parliamentary candidate for Reading. She is a hardworking and effective councillor and a real ally to the LGBT Community in Reading.

daya palCllr Daya Pal Singh, Councillor for Kentwood ward

As Rachel’s neighbour and a fellow councillor, I know that Rachel would make an excellent MP but she can also help us win. I have seen her demonstrate that she is a great campaigner and will win us support in places like Kentwood

JasonCllr Jason Brock, Southcote Councillor and former Chair of Reading and District Labour party

Rachel believes strongly in ensuring that members’ voices are heard and supporting people to become active in politics.  She has encouraged new members to get involved and works with people to campaign on the issues that matter to them. She knows Southcote well and I believe that she would be a great MP for Reading West, as well as being the candidate to bring people together from across the
party to win.

Cllr Sophia James, Chair of Housing, Rachel and PhiNeighbourhood and Leisure committee on Reading Borough Council
Rachel is a strong voice for women and has given her support to black, LGBT and disabled people. Rachel cares more about people than a photo opportunity and relentlessly works behind the scenes to make a positive difference. She is a phenomenal campaigner, intersectional feminist and socialist and has worked hard to engage with local people and take the fight to the Tories. Rachel has shown the resilience, compassion and leadership of a parliamentary candidate and I think she would be an excellent representative for the Labour Party in Reading West.

john cosgroveJohn Cosgrove, Head teacher of Christ the King primary school (Southcote ward):

I am supporting Rachel to be our parliamentary candidate. She is a hardworking and effective councillor and a real champion for the schools and the community in Whitley.

lizLiz Woodhouse, Battle ward member School governor and UNISON organiser

I’ve known Rachel for 10 years – a local resident committed to supporting local people and improving education – as a fellow school governor, as a councillor involved in improving services for our elders. Reading West wants and needs a local candidate who will work hard to empower her constituents to make a difference in Reading:  Rachel is that candidate.

Micky Leng, Whitley branch organiserlinda

I will be voting for Rachel to be our parliamentary candidate – she knows how to campaign from the grassroots to the national level. She’s an exceptionally hardworking councillor for Whitley and I know she’d be equally as hardworking as an MP. She is well known for working with members and the whole community to make a real difference


Catherine Wilton,  Chair of the Oxford Road time bank (Norcot branch)

I’ll be backing Rachel to be our parliamentary candidate I know she is a dedicated and hardworking member of the community. In my role as Chair of the Oxford Road Time Bank, which she is the treasurer of, we work together with people from across West Reading to make our community a better place: helping them to swap time and make connections. Rachel’s commitment to cooperative and socialist values and aims is lived out in how she works and her volunteering. She’ll make a fantastic MP.

DNx6tvmX4AAC1mRLynda Miller, Whitley branch secretary and school governor
Rachel. is committed to socialism, equality and fairness to her core and cares about the residents in the ward.
As lead Councillor for Adult and Social Care she has tirelessly held the Local Authority to account for delivery of the service. Rachel stands up for those who cannot do it for themselves. She campaigns on behalf of the community whether it is for a hyper local issue affecting a few houses, a situation across the ward, a Reading issue or a national issue. She supports local groups as they work for the community. If I had a situation and needed someone to support my corner as my advocate, I would want that person to be Rachel.
Rachel really lives “For the Many Not the Few”. She is selfless with her time, working long hours on behalf of the community. She is fair in recognising the value of the work of others across the constituency and adding her support.
Outstanding MPs care, understand and do the right thing ………. that’s Rachel.

 image1Cllr Graeme Hoskin, Chair of Reading Health and Wellbeing board (Norcot branch)
Having worked with closely with Rachel, I know how passionate she is about our NHS and social care. Rachel would be an MP who understands not just the damage this government has done but also the actions a Labour government needs to take to save it. I will be voting for her to be our candidate, as I know she will work tirelessly to protect our NHS

community cafeCllrs Kelly Edwards and  Emmett McKenna, Councillors for Whitley ward
As our fellow ward councillor in Whitley we know Rachel is the best candidate for Reading West. She is a hard working campaigner who stands up for the community 7 days a week, working to help people in the face of this appalling Tory government.  We can win Reading West if we select her to be our candidate


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