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Libraries… my favourite places

I love libraries. They must be one of the best institutions ever.

At the weekend I went to pick up – for free – an OWL, which is an electricity monitor that I can borrow for 3 weeks to see how much electricity different things in our house are using. I’m not very bothered by this, as I think we should turn things off no matter what. However it appeals to Joe’s gadget loving side and since we can borrow it rather than needing to shell out for it why not?

Oh and they do books as well. Yes, libraries are brilliant.
I would say that Reading libraries are amoungst the best I’ve come across: free reservations, 3 week borrowing, freindly staff, borrow and return your books to any library in town and long opening hours.

Plus we get the best catch phrase: “Reading loves reading”!

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