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Open letter to Mr Sharma: don’t privatise our forests

New Forest – 2006 summer holiday

I will publish any response I get.  You can sign the petition and email your MP here.  There is a template but you can edit it with your own views as I did.

“Dear Mr Sharma,

As you know we belong to different political parties and have different views about the future of Reading and the UK.

As such I know that as a general rule we may not have many causes in common.  However I hope this will be an exception. 

Our national woodlands are a treasure that everyone in our society shares.   Many people in Reading West enjoy day trips or weekends to the New Forest, indeed I spent my main summer holiday there a few years ago.  I am concerned that a national asset like this could even be considered as something to be sold off.

The proposed sell-off of English woodlands puts at risk the free and open access that everyone in our country has been entitled to whether rich or poor.

As the campaign group 38 degrees says: “The sell-off will mean that in the future woodland could be less open to the public, and that woodland wildlife could suffer.

Our woodlands should belong to, and be enjoyed by, every single one of us,.”

A vast majority of the public is against the privatisation of our woodlands, and as the representative of your constituents in Westminster I ask that you vote against the part or parts of the Public Bodies Bill that will enable a 100% sell off of our woodlands.

Please can you assure me that you will vote against such a change to the law?

Best wishes,

Cllr Rachel Eden”

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