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Solar panels – 1 month in

I haven’t seen the Reading Chronicle yet but I gather I’m in twice this week, once for my solar panels, once for Whitley.

So I thought it would be good to do a post on my solar panels and how I am doing with them.  So far so good.  We took a meter reading 1 month after installation and they had produced over 300 KWH, which just on the feed-in tarriff and the ‘deemed export’ nets us over £130 (I don’t have the numbers on this computer but will post up some graphs and more numbers in a couple of months for dataheads!).  Obviously we had a record April for sunlight so I don’t imagine that will be sustained but so far it’s looking like our annual target of 1309 KWH should be very pessimistic, which makes the pay-back periods much shorter than the 10 years we originally expected.  We’ve also heard that the group exercise we were in had over 20 people already install or pay their deposit so once the last installation is done we’ll get a 12.5% rebate.  I’ll post up full costs and projected payback time once this happens.

We’re also trying to run the washing machine and charge mobile phones during the day in order to save more money on our electricity bill and our meter is definitely moving on much more slowly (sadly it’s the modern sort that doesn’t go backwards!).  I’d be grateful if anyone can think of anything else electrical we can do in the day to save on bills, sadly we can’t move when we have the lights on!

  1. William says:

    Great to here others are doing there part of the green effort, we have just had some solar panels installed on our house and we can confirm that we should have paid are solar panels off in around 7-8 years as long as the summer are not a wash out. 🙂

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