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Meeting tenants who have downsized – ‘a good move’

Today in my lunch break I was lucky enough to meet Molly and John at their lovely new home after they had downsized.

Molly told me that it had been a very good experience although they had been sad to move away from neighbours of 53 years.  It had been really good for them as they didn’t have a 3 bed house to look after any more and importantly no more stairs.

We talked about our families as well and had a few photos done.  I was impressed how lovely their home was and because it was ground floor it was really helpful.

Visiting them was part of publicising our improved scheme to support tenants who want to downsize.   I’ve already reproduced the council’s press release on my blog but I thought it was great to see how it can work for real and meet a couple who who have benefited.  Of course the other side of it is that when Molly and John moved out a family in need of accommodation were able to move in, so everyone benefited.

(My husband has asked me to point out that he bought the flowers and I won’t be expensing them… he’s a bit paranoid like that!)

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