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A letter to my son on international men’s day

My darling son,

I called you my little man when you were small.  Now you want to be seen as a big boy.

But one day you will be a grown man.  I have so many hopes for your future.

You have brought me joy since the day you were born.  May you continue to bring joy to all around you.

Your imagination and sense of play constantly amaze me.  May you continue to be creative and have fun throughout your life.

Your energy is boundless.  May you use it to its full as you grow.

Your confidence in your abilities is growing, and you tell me that mistakes are how you learn.  May you remember that lesson as you grow and life becomes more complex.

You are always ready to leap into the unknown believing I will catch up.  May your journey into the future continue as an adventure that you relish.

You love me infinity million hundred and twenty.  May you never be afraid to show affection to those you love.

You dance.  May you continue to dance.


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