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Access and disabilities – the open invitation to Reading’s MPs stands #rdg #rdguk

As the Public Accounts Committee has recently reported (and let’s face it something anyone involved in anything to do with disability has known for years), people with disabilities have been really affected by the national government’s policies .  Every week it seems I come across some one in Reading who has a story to tell.

It was with this in mind that non-party political members of Access and Disabilities requested that the much missed former Chair of Access and Disabilities, Cllr Pete Ruhemann invite the Reading MPs to address the group on welfare reform and other issues.

As the New Chair of Access and disabilities this afternoon I suggested that to make it easier for them to accept the invitation we repeat it with the offer that the meeting is held on a Friday or other day to suit them and that if need be a special meeting of the forum is held.

I am sure that the people who generously give up their time to represent different groups and organisations from Readibus, to the MS Society to Reading blind society will be willing to find time.

I’ll be writing to the MPs as Chair of Access and Disabilities on the forum’s behalf: 

Mr Wilson, Mr Sharma – the invitation stands.  You name the time and the day.

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