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Candidate in Wantage

On 8 June we face a huge choice.  Our country is at a crucial moment and I believe that we need a strong voices in parliament.  

This is my message to residents:
“If I was elected in Wantage I would put you first.
If you elect me I promise to stand up for everyone in Wantage, Didcot and the surrounding areas. 
I am a small business owner and accountant, and I believe that we must make sure that Brexit doesn’t put good jobs in our area, including the key scientific research teams locally, at risk. 
A failure to get a deal on Brexit would be the worst possible outcome.  We must make sure that the Brexit negotiations focus on keeping the benefits that we gain from the single market.  I would support a deal that would safeguard local jobs.  I would also vote to protect the rights of EU nationals – stabilising a key part of our workforce locally, and to provide security to our neighbors, families and friends.
I am the Councillor in Reading responsible for adult social care and serving on the Local Government Association’s national board I have seen how our NHS and social care have been pushed into a state of emergency.  This must change.  I know that real investment and joining up care from hospital to home is needed, and I’ve worked on making this happen both in our area and nationally – but we need national action.
I believe that a sustainable future means working together and investing in ways that ensure we all benefit.  I serve as a volunteer director of a community owned renewable energy cooperative which last year installed solar panels on 10 community buildings, while using funds generated to fund community projects.
It would be a huge honour to represent you
Please give me your vote on June 8th.
NOTE that this blog isn’t updated very often – I am far more active on facebook and twitter 

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