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Chest infections and the race for life

Didn’t do our marathon ride yesterday in the end as Joe has a nasty chesty cough and we want to focus on getting him better so have been organising ourselves instead this weekend and actually spending some time together.

This morning I ran the race for life with some friends from work we all made it round in our own time – hurray for us (Gill, Alison, me, Helen, Lisa)! Was fun and since I’ve probably not really run more than to a bus since I was 16 I was quite pleased to find that I still knew how to run. Have got somewhat achy calves now as it’s a different motion to cycling but still pleased. Joe came along as the support crew since it was 5 minutes walk from the house and cheered us all on.

This time next week we’ll be on our bikes cycling to Lands End! We’re retweaking our route but more or less have it sewn up – there’s only so much planning you can do!

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