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Congratulations to Moira on her 80th Birthday and 7 Decades of service ot the Labour party! @readinglabour

Martin is right – Moira is an inspiration and continues to encourage and support Labour members across Reading.
Labour Leader Ed Miliband sent a signed photo and personal letter of congratulation to former Reading Labour Councillor Moira Dickenson who was 80 last week. Moira, who first stood for Labour in a school election in 1945 and has served as party secretary, agent and vice-chair as well as doing two terms as a Councillor for Battle Ward, celebrated her 80thbirthday with party members old and new at Reading’s Pepe Sale restaurant on Friday.
The picture was presented to Moira by Martin Salter, former MP for Reading West, and Labour’s new candidate for Reading West Victoria Groulef. The personal letter from Ed Miliband thanked her for her seven decades of service to the Labour Party and to the people of Reading.
Victoria Groulef said: “ People like Moira Dickenson with their incredible record of public and political service are true role models for those of us aspiring to enter Parliament to represent our local communities.”
Martin Salter says: “Moira is an inspiration to generations of Labour activists in Reading, someone who has always encouraged younger members to come forward and work for the Labour Party and the wider community.”

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