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Coops – a fair way to grow our economy

At yesterday’s new economic models conference it was really positive to see the leadership of the Labour party fully committed to growing the Cooperative sector.  Of course it is the Cooperative answers to some of the problems currently facing larger businesses in the economy that have got the headlines.  However it was brilliant that Jeremy Corbyn’s speech also touched on the issue of climate change as a huge area of market failure on a global scale and that the growth of smaller cooperatives is an area of focus.

The Coop Party, which I am a member of, is Labour’s sister party has agreed to work on an implementation plan for some of how we make this happen. An aspect that am particularly interested in is how we can increase the number and diversity of small coops.  I’m particularly proud of Reading Community Energy Society which I am a director of , we generate renewable energy and benefit our members and have a community fund (we’re currently looking to expand the number of sites so if you are interested take a look here). Image-of-Board-with-Logo

Cooperatives are enterprising, innovative organisations, that are fair and democratically controlled.  Labour has a goal of doubling the size of the coop sector

2017-05-14 18.03.51I was proud to stand as a Labour and Cooperative Candidate in the 2017 general election and to help my friend Anneliese Dodds MP in her election to parliament.  As Shadow Treasury minister I know that she and other Labour and Cooperative Party MPs will be working to ensure policies that will make our desire for a growth in the Cooperative sector a reality are at the heart of the next Labour government.  In the meantime it’s worth taking a look at the Labour policy document on new models of ownership and we can all work to look at how we grow and develop Cooperatives.

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