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Don’t forget to vote on Thursday – or now if you are a postal voter! #rdg

With the elections around the corner on Thursday and what has been described as a ‘shambles’ from the government in terms of organising the elections I think it’s incredibly important to vote on Thursday, not just because I always do but because the person elected will have a huge amount of power over a crucial area of our lives – the police and crime prevention.

Not all the candidates are the same.  I’ve already sent my postal vote back for Tim Starkey, the Labour candidate his pledges are:

Protect The Operational Independence Of The Police
Who to investigate, arrest and charge must be decided by Police Officers not politicians
Put Victims At The Heart Of The Criminal Justice System
Protect Victim Support
Fight The Cuts
20% cuts to police funding are criminal! Stop further cuts to Police numbers in Thames Valley
Stop Police Privatisation
Outsourcing patrolling our streets to private firms like G4S is not the answer!
Create A More Efficient Service
Use technology to reduce bureaucracy and keep victims/witnesses better informed
Keep Decision Making Local

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