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Guest post: Christmas message from Jo Lovelock, Leader of #rdg council

“In tough times we must care for one another, so I want to wish everybody in
Reading all the best for 2013, and pledge that the Council will strive to keep
Reading a good place to live.

In the week before Christmas, George Osborne confirmed that Reading must
make around £16Million ‘savings’ in 2013-14, and again the year after, as his
austerity programme continues to target urban Councils with high levels of
need, while affluent areas are let off much more lightly.

Reading’s grant from government in 2013-4 has been cut by about £7million,
compared with just £2.7million in Wokingham. It is the unfairness of this
government’s approach which angers people the most.

While I hope that people in Reading will have a successful 2013, we know
that there are many who will continue to face a struggle to pay their basic
household bills and the welfare reforms will hit those least able to make
ends meet, including people with disabilities.

The Council will do what it can to work with others, such as the voluntary
sector, to give support where it is needed, but it will not be easy following
Mr. Osborne’s announcement which contained no Seasonal comfort for

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