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Inconvenient facts

I know that I and many of my friends and constituents are feeling the squeeze at the moment.  I think it’s important ot remember that it’s not just us, it’s not that we have suddenly got worse at budgeting or less careful about what we put in the trolley (if only!).  It’s because we are all having our living standards squeezed.  I’m really glad Ed Balls highlighted it in his conference speech.  I’m even more glad that the Labour party is outlining policies to deal with it.  It’s just that 2015 feels a long time away.

So what are those inconvenient facts again?

  •  prices rising faster than wages for 38 out of the 39 months since David Cameron entered Downing Street. 
  • Three years of flatlining growth
  •   The slowest recovery for over a hundred years 
  • A million young people out of work

  • Welfare spending soaring. 
  • More borrowing to pay for the Tory’s economic failure. 

Ed Balls said today:
That is their economic record. And we will not let them forget it.

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