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International Day of the Girl

7 and a half years ago I held my baby daughter in my arms.  A lot has changed since then but one thing that hasn’t is the fierce love I felt then and feel now for her.

It is fierce because it is strong but it is also because I fear what the world does to girls.  I want her to grow up unfettered and unbroken.

Mums watch our daughters in a different way to the way we watch our sons, we have different fears for them.  I would do anything for my daughter, and I would rather change the world than change the unique human being that she is.

I want a world where she is free to run in the woods.

I want a world where she can be interested in fossils and rocks as well as ponies and hairstyles.

I want a world where Rosa Parks being made to get up on the bus is history, not an illustration of current issues faced by her friends of colour.

I want a world where her way of seeing the world is seen as a unique and special experience not a disability – and that it doesn’t make her less feminine

I want a world where she continues to not bat an eyelid about two women being married

I want a world where she can compete and strive and make changes and no-one calls her pushy or a careerist.

And I want that for every daughter of every mother.

We want our daughters to be unbroken and we need to change the world to make it so.

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