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International women’s day

I marked international women’s day in two ways thsi year (although neither on the day itself due to work).

Firstly on Saturday I helped organise a street stall with Anneliese Dodds and Trish Thomas that highlighted measures to combat violence against women (from domestic violence to forced marriage) that that the Labour government has brought in and also to ask shoppers and passersby what other measures they would like to see.  It was cold but got an interested and positive response.

Secondly yesterday I hosted a quiz that raised money for the Million Mum’s campaign of the White Ribbon Alliance which is an umbrella organisation for groups all over the world trying to reduce death in pregnancy and childbirth – which is the leading cause of death for women of child-bearing age in poor countries.  It was a really fun evening, with lots of friendly banter and, a frankly impressive level of general knowledge displayed by the competitors (as well as a competitive spirit in some cases!).  It was also a good mix of ages, genders and Labour and non-Labour people.  We raised £259 and had a great time.

It was good to organise events that highlighted women’s issues in both this country and abroad and were positive about what can be done to improve

I haven’t been neglecting work in Whitley either – I have taken several pieces of casework to councillors and met with residents on Stockton Road this weekend.

(There is an international men’s day in November, and if anyone is interested in organising similar events then let me know!)

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