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Letter to Reading Post: Reading deserves better from its MPs

Following the publication in this week’s Reading Post of a letter from Rob Wilson I have sent the following:

Dear Editor,
I was disappointed by Rob Wilson’s letter in last week’s Reading Post.
For those readers’ unsure about what provoked it I can explain.  Public statements by Mr Sharma and Mr Wilson before the election recognised the value of secure tenancies (Reading Post 5th May 2010) while Cllr Ballsdon has said that she believes they should no longer be offered to new tenants.  I wrote directly to Cllr Ballsdon, Mr Sharma and Mr Wilson asking them to clarify what the Conservatives would do if they took control of Reading Council.   I at no point suggested that existing tenants who do not move could be affected by this measure.
This is the exact opposite of scaremongering – I gave them the opportunity of setting the record straight.  Mr Wilson’s response was to write to the press a letter that, despite its length, did not even acknowledge the question I asked.
We can disagree about secure tenancies and other aspects of policy:  the key is that the public need to know what we plan so that they can vote accordingly.

Sadly it seems that no less a senior figure than the PPS to Jeremy Hunt takes a different view and has again resorted to insulting his opponents.   Meanwhile the deputy chair of the Conservative party did not even reply.
There are serious issues facing this town and the country. I believe that Reading deserves MPs who will behave accordingly.

Rachel Eden

You can read the background to this here

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